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Specializing in Sanitation Products for the Brewing Industry

The Loeffler Chemical Corporation has been specializing in servicing breweries for over two decades now.  We offer a complete line of products and services for breweries as well as customized cleaning solutions for every step of the brewing process.

Today, cleaners and sanitizers are no longer looked at and recommended as a single application.  Instead, complete sanitation programs are presented and implemented in order to effectively monitor and control the results and applications in modern breweries.

We offer:

bullet70 years of experience in servicing breweries worldwide
bulletProven, modern sanitation programs customized for your applications 
bulletSophisticated and automated dosing systems for increased safety and controlling chemical cost 
bulletOptimal sanitation results at minimized cost
bulletQualified and reliable technical service from our experienced staff 
bulletContinuous Research & Development for new products in close cooperation with our customers
bulletPrompt and reliable delivery of our products from our four manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Atlanta, GA; Geneva, NY; Chicago, IL; and Oakland, CA.
bulletFlexible packaging solutions from 5 Gallon pails to returnable Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) and tank trucks.

Every brewery has specific equipment and applications requiring customized sanitation solutions.  Below we have listed some typical applications in breweries with a selection of our products for these specific applications.  We have tried to accommodate the different needs of a large production brewery as well as a small craft brewery and listed a choice of products for most applications.  Please keep in mind that every customer receives a customized program in accordance to his needs and requirements.  What may be working well for a 10 Mio. bbl brewery may not be suitable at all for a 10,000 bbl Microbrewery.  This is where our experience and expertise can assist you in implementing the right sanitation program for your brewery.

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Malting Brewhouse Tanks Filtration Packaging Kegging


Your Contacts at Loeffler Chemical Corporation:

If you are interested in our products and services, below are the telephone numbers for the main contacts in our company:

Brian Campbell: Area Sales Manager - Southern California, Southwest, Texas  
E-Mail: campbell.brian@loefflerchemical.com
Jim Gizelbach:   Area Sales Manager - Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast:
E-Mail: gizelbach.jim@loefflerchemical.com
Dirk Loeffler:    Area Sales Manager - Northern California, Pacific Northwest    
E-Mail: loeffler.dirk@loefflerchemical.com
Matt Sprinkle:   Area Sales Manager - Southeast
E-Mail: sprinkle.matt@loefflerchemical.com
Oliver Meinhold: Technical Services Manager
E-Mail: meinhold.oliver@loefflerchemical.com
Dirk Loeffler:    Technical Director
E-Mail: loeffler.dirk@loefflerchemical.com

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